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    Set Analysis to show multiple periods when only single period selected.



      I am having dificulties dispalying a chart with a count looking at previous periods.


      Count ({1<Period={">=$(=Max(Period)-7)<=$(=Max(Period))"}, eB_NCE_Status={'Implemented'}eB_NCE_Value)


      It displays the correct output but the problem I am having is the chart now does not filter with my other list boxes (because of the 1).

      However when I display a $ instead of a 1, it disregards the previous periods and shows only the selected period.


      I have tried using this CM_MDM_contract_Name = {"$(vProject)"}>} where vProject is  GetfieldSelections (CM_MDM_contract_Name) . The problem I am having is this is now limited to just one Contract Name and when I clear my selections (hoping to see the accumlative figure of all contracts it says "No data to display".


      Thanks for any help you can offer!!