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    Alternate states: Using default state in list box residing in another state

    Simon Brulotte


      I have a listbox with a period that is in an alternate state "Comparative". An expression should show the end of the period date (I call it DATE FIN PERIODE), but that will depend on a selection done in the default state for the company name.


      In the picture attached, the left box is in the default state, the right is in Comparative state. The selection done on the company name is in the default state, so the comparative box doesn't know what company we're in, hence, doesn't know what's the end of the period date.


      How do I go about doing this ? Do I have to create a state for pretty much 95% of my objects (currently Inherited or default I guess) that will now be named so I can use something like this:


        In my expression of the listbox residing in the Alternate state "Comparative", define as so:



      I would love to find another way!!

      Or I guess if I name a new state and give it to sheets, leave the rest inherited, that wouldn't impact much of the objects since they are all inherited...

      Please let me know if that was not clear. I will be doing some thinking on this.

      Thank you