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    Upgrade Extension

      Hi all,


      does anyone knows how to upgrade an extension which is already used in some documents in the following particular situation?:


      1. Create a simple extension (One dimension and one Expression object, in the script alert the data.Rows.length)
      2. Add the extension to a QlikView document and set the dimension value (select a field) . Save and close the document.
      3. Edit the definition.xml and add a second expression
      4. Reopen the QlikView document and there are no data anymore!!
      5. Remove the Extension object from the document and add the extension again and it will work.


      I have attached a simple expample:

      1. install upgrade.qar
      2. Open upgrade.qvw - it will show "Data rows count 10"
      3. Close the document
      4. There is a second definition file inside the extension folder: Definition_2.xml (which has just a second expression defined) , rename it to definition.xml
      5. Reopen the upgrade.qvw - it will show: "Data rows count 0"


      I hope anyone has an idea how to solve this issue, because every time my extension changes i have to recreate all the existing documents which are using my extension. Even this happens only one time, it is not feasible to any customer.