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    STAR Keyword Usage

    Jairaj Singh

      Hi All,

      Can anyone explain the STAR kewword usage with example. I searched in Help as well as in reference manual but didn't find the appropriate description.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          The string used for representing the set of all the values of a field in the database can be set through the star statement. It affects the subsequent Load and Select (SQL) statements. The syntax is:

          star is [string ]

          where, string is an arbitrary text. Note that the string must be enclosed by Quotation Marks if it contains blanks.


          Star is *;

          Star is %;

          Star is;

          If nothing is specified, star is; is assumed, i.e. there is no star symbol available unless explicitly specified. This definition is valid until a new star statement is made.




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            Tresesco B


            Star is an old functionality. It can only be used for section access.

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                Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                And even so, its meaning may be confusing.

                Take a look at the following example:

                STAR IS *;
                SECTION ACCESS;
                LOAD * INLINE [
                ADMIN, ADMIN1, ADMIN1, *
                USER, USMANAGER, US1, US
                USER, ESMANAGER, ES1, ES
                USER, FRMANAGER, FR1, FR
                USER, FINANCE, FN1, *
                SECTION APPLICATION;

                When the QVW is open locally, the "*" means all possible values:

                • Both Admin1 and Finance user will see all countries

                But when the very same QVW is open in a server, either by IE Plugin or Ajax client, it means "all listed values":

                • Both Admin1 and Finance users will see only COUNTRY = US, ES, FR, even if in the model there are more values for the field Country.


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                it can only be used for section access