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    How to identify the first column in a table ?

      Hi All,

              I have the following table:

      Chak Forty M29.73961871.633704
      Chak Forty M32.20204971.755182
      Chak Forty M32.01594371.581087
      Chak Forty SB31.92638972.826389
      Chak Forty30.69666773.446944
      Chak Four26.43470368.565174
      Chak Four28.013767.705a2
      Chak Four28.41941670.181164

      I want to show only the first column in the straight or pivot table without hardcoding the City.


      I tried using FirstSortedValue function but was not able to get the result.


      Can any one help me on this.