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    Alternate states and possibility to connect charts

    Irene Bagnoli

      Hi Community,

      In my sheet I've created 2 identical multiple box selection, one in Group 1 and the other in Group 2 as alternate states, where Customer, Region, Area, etc... can be selected.

      Then, based on this selections, I've created 2 identical charts, which are not simple charts, but rather charts with expressions in cycle group. Now I'm trying to synchronize these charts, I mean if I choose to see the third expression of the cycle in the chart with group 1, automatically I would like to see the third expression of the cycle even in the chart with group 2, without the need to select again the wanted expression. Is it possible? I've tryed introducing in etl a table with 2 fields: 1 contained the names assigned to the expressions (Total Sales, Total Incomes, etc...), 1 contained the expressions themselves (sum(Sales), sum(Incomes), ...), so that if I selected in the first field the name "Total Sales" then in the chart the relative expression sum(Sales) would be accepeted... and the 2 charts would be synchronized. But it doesn't work till fields and charts have different states.

      Any suggestion? Any idea?

      Thank you so much