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    TOTAL Qualifier Behavior



      I was trying to learn today the total qualifier and stumbled across this strange behavior



      This is the Data model I'm using :


      One Fact Table, and a snow-flaked dimension product.



      If I make a chart using the field catégorie (from DimProductCategory) and the expression Sum (SalesAmout) I get this




      But if I add to that previous chart an expression based on the TOTAL qualifier - Sum (TOTAL SalesAmount) I get this chart




      Basically the use of TOTAL qualifier bring two new values for the field Catégorie (Composant and a null value). The Composant value comes from the dimension DimProductCategory while there is no composant sold in the fact table. The null value, well I just don't understand where it is coming from.



      Is it the expected behavior of TOTAL qualifier or did I made a mistake. If it is the expected behavior how can I remove those two fields (with elegance).


      Thank you for your help.