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    Configurable ODBC in QMC

    Greg Williams

      Can someone help me with few gaps in my understanding of Configurable ODBC under Directory Service Connectors in the QlikView Management Console...

      1. Configurable ODBC - gives one the ability to connect to an ODBC sourced data source table that enables access to fields located in the table that can be used to recognize users, groups, roles, etc. - Correct?


      2. When using a Configurable ODBC > the fields must be specifically named to be recognized by QlikView Server to properly authenticate the user based on the ODBC table data - Correct?


      3. When Configurable ODBC and (for example) Active Directory are able to be used together (in a mixed authentication deployment) - Correct?


      4. Is it possible to use the same or a second table for Authorization for centralized User Section Access management?


      5. Is there any good documentation available that describes step by step how to set up, configure and administer the Configurable ODBC and use an ODBC table source for centralized section access purposes?



        • Re: Configurable ODBC in QMC
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          1 - 3: Yes.


          4: Once your Configurable ODBC DSP is set up, you'll be able to search for users in that directory the same as you would in AD. You can then use the Add Users button in Section Access Management and simply select your new DSP as the directory where you want to search for users.


          5. The v11 server reference manual is kind of useless for this (and for most other things too). Check out the old v10 reference manual at page 253. This post also seems pretty good: http://community.qlik.com/thread/31302