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    SSL configuration

      We are trying to convert from http to https for our Qlikview server.  Because of some sensitive data in some dashboards, our security and network group want https before going production. We have tried multiple times using various documentation sources but cannot get it configured right. Our latest attempt had us follow these initial steps:


      1. Open the QlikView Management Console (QMC)
      2. Navigate to System – Setup – QlikView Web Server(QVWS) – General Tab
      3. Under the Communication section, the Port needs to be changed to 443 and the check box for “Use” https needs to be checked.
      4. Click Apply
      5. Type https://localhost/qlikview in new browser window and you should receive 'There is a problem with this website's security certificate.' message.


      Instead of the certificate problem message from #5, we simply get a 'website not found'.   We just didn't know what to do from that point, and we have our licenses purchased through a re-seller, and things have been a little slow getting technical assistance from them, so we thought we would try submitting a question, and seeing if anyone out here can help.


      We have had Qlikview for over 15 months, and love the product.




      David Zimmerman