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    Sheet Properties Conditional

    Robert Hutchings

      I have set up a condition as follows:-


      subfield (OSUser(),'\',2) = 'hh57906'
      or subfield (OSUser(),'\',2) = 'hb53567'

      or subfield (OSUser(),'\',2) = 'ss56686'


      Initial only user hh57906 and hb53567 had access and ss56686 was excluded. This worked as it should


      I then added ss56686 but the user still can not access this file


      Does anyone know why this might happen?


      Thanks for any help on this.




      I tried saving this file under another name That is I saved the file under a different name and gave this user right to access this file

      This worked

      So it seems as if something has been saved on the users computer that has set the old preferences


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