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    Is binary load supported in Qlik Sense ?

    Oleg Troyansky



      I'm playing with Qlik Sense, and I was wondering if BINARY load was supported in Sense?


      I'm trying to load a data model using Binary, and I'm getting an error "Cannot Open File..."

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          Jaime Aguilar


          I tested this some days ago, and yes Binary Load is supported in Sense, either from QVFs and even QVWs, so you cn import data models that you already have and create new visualizations within Sense,



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            Chip Matejowsky

            Hi Oleg,

            Yes you can use a Binary Load to load data from another Qlik Sense app or QlikView document. The information below is taken directly from the Qlik Sense Help regarding Binary:



            The binary statement is used for loading the data from another Qlik Sense app or QlikView 11.2 or earlier document, including section access data.


            binary file

            file ::= [ path ] filename


            fileThe name of the file, including the file extension .qvw or .qvf.

            The path to the file, either:

            • absoluteExample: c:\data\
            • relative to the app containing this script line.Example: data\
            • a folder data connection.Example: 'lib://Table Files/'

            Only one binary statement is allowed in the script and it must be the first statement of the script.

            Binary customer.qvw;

            Binary c:\qv\customer.qvw;

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              Using Desktop v.96, I tested BINARY load and it worked fine. Be sure you fully qualify the directory of the QVF or QVW file you are pointing to.


              I also tested the ability to add additional data within the Sense script after the binary load. So if you wanted to augment the QVW's data model with additional data (of course you will have to be sure that the new data properly "links up" to your QVW data model), you could use the QVW data model as a baseline and add to it from within Sense. Furthermore, when you do a reload within Sense, it reloads the data from the QVW as well as the data retrieved within Sense. Thus, you have some nice opportunities for reuse here.

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                  Alexander Korsikov

                  how I can do binary load from other app in Sense server?


                  Binary lib://temp (rbcgrp_korsikov)/Binary_load_bug.qvf; //Work fine

                  binary lib://Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov)\f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71; // not work

                  Binary lib://temp (rbcgrp_korsikov)/f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71.qvf; //work fine

                  binary lib://Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov)\f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71.qvf; // Work fine, but server lost app

                  Where temp (rbcgrp_korsikov) is folder on my comp,

                  Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov) as default app folder Q Sense server.

                  that is, if you do not specify the file extension is not loaded. And if you specify the extension of the server can not work with the file.

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                      Allard Couwenberg

                      Interesting enough: if I manually copy the one of these files and add the ".qvf" extension myself, IT DOES BINARY LOAD!

                      Binary 'lib://SenseApps/75b5613b-0634-4fe2-a3ec-37c11a5aa23a.qvf';


                      Where SenseApps directs to a local folder on the server: "C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps"


                      It's tempting to writing a background script that keeps a up-to-date copy with qvf extension of all my apps, that will provide me with the feature of using one app as a source for others... But that doesn't really feel like the way to go here

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                          Michael Schroff

                          What is the best practice around binary loads and/or how is this intended to function within the Sense server environment?  While Sense seems to support this is some ways, having to change the file extension, therefore making it uneditable in the hub is not workable.

                          I have run into an "access denied" error and am wondering how to go about properly resolving it.  The service account running services is a member of the admins group which has a full set of permissions to the working directory of c:\programdata\qlik\sense\apps. When I change the file extension to qvf, the binary load is successful but now the I'm not able to open the app itself in the hub. !

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                            Granger Godbold

                            As of Qlik Sense v3.2 I can confirm that this works. However, I have not tested the whole "what happens if the App is in use when you try to BINARY load from it?" part. I'm expecting the "cannot open file" type of error reported in other locations in this thread. In my use case, I plan to have a non-user-accessible App that only exists to load the actual data from the database, so I'm expecting to not have to worry about whether or not someone's got it "open" in the hub.


                            1. Identify the source App.
                              • Copy the ID (GUID) from the list of Apps over in the QMC. Let's say it's "b6C5a067-46a2-4236-bff2-3a6e4ec63a25"
                            2. Create/Edit the destination App.
                              1. Create a new folder Data connection named "QlikSenseApps". Point it to "C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps".
                              2. Use this as the Load script:   BINARY [LIB://QlikSenseApps/b6C5a067-46a2-4236-bff2-3a6e4ec63a25];
                                • (I like to rename the connection over in the QMC to remove the parenthetical user account info.)
                              3. Load it.


                            UPDATE (2017-02-28)

                            I just confirmed that the destination App can be reloaded without errors while the source App is in use. In my test, both Apps are published to a Stream. I used the hub to open up the source App and navigate around. At the same time, I used another browser window to cause the destination App to be reloaded from the QMC.


                            Next, I duplicated both the source and destination Apps back to "My Work". I changed the duplicated destination App's load script to attempt the binary load from the duplicated source App. Then, while that duplicated source App was loading (the bubble animation was running), I clicked the "Load data" button in the duplicated destination App. Again, no errors. The source App loaded fine, and the destination App loaded without any errors.


                            FYI, in this last test, it took 35sec to load the App (397MB), and it normally takes about 11min when loading from the database; though in yesterday's tests, it was taking 1m30s to binary load that same App (~20sec to load and ~1m10s at the "Saving app..." step), so the disks must be less busy right now.

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                            Jens Frederik Kristiansen

                            Using Sense 2.1.1 in does seem to be possible to binary load from

                            binary lib://Sense_app_folder (rbcgrp_korsikov)\f6455067-26a7-4a3a-bf5b-42e65ce63e71

                            as long as the app in not open within the hub (else it gets an locked-by-other-process error)


                            Does anyone have any more experience in binary loading from an app on server?

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                          Here is a video that explains how to do a binary load:




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                            Amien Amien

                            Strange thing is that i sometimes get a "Cannot open file" error and sometimes it works fine. Anyone else seen this behaviour? not sure what causes this.