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    Cannot connect to a database from server

      Hello everyone,


      In an application, I need a password to connect to the database. So I used the OLEDB connection and in the Connection tab, I have checked "Allow saving passord".


      Then I can close my application, and then open it again and reload it without having to enter a password.


      The problem is that I have pasted this application on the production server and the reload fails from QVS.  The error is that it cannot

      connect to the database.


      The error is :


      27/08/2014 16:04:50: 0007  OLEDB CONNECT*Provider*XPassword*

      27/08/2014 16:04:50:       Error: ErrorSource: (null), ErrorMsg: (null)

      27/08/2014 16:04:50:       General Script Error

      27/08/2014 16:04:50:       Execution Failed

      27/08/2014 16:04:50:      Execution finished.


      What can I do ?


      Is the line generated with OLEDB depends on which server I am  ?


      Thank you for your help