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    lib: in variable

      hi there,


      can i store a connection string in a variable and then use in different load statements just the variable as a path ?


      something like this ?:


      let vPath='lib://LIBStandardData/';




      FROM $(vPath)table.qvd



      doesnt work. results in:


      Cannot open file 'lib://LIBStandardData/table.qvd'


      whereas the usage of the connection explicitely in the FROM clause does work...

      any ideas ?





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          Try with [] around, for me it works fine


          let vPath='lib://LIBStandardData/';




          FROM [$(vPath)table.qvd]


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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Philipp - I was working on this exact scenario recently - try this - it works for me. It will give you example of the correct syntax to use when using variables - you need to wrap the variable in single quotes or brackets.


            This will also give an idea on how to concatenate variables - for example the path and file name.


            let vRootPath = 'lib://QlikSenseDataFolder/';

            let vFileName = 'sample_data.qvd';


            let vFullFilePath = '$(vRootPath)$(vFileName)';


            trace This is the root path: $(vRootPath);

            trace This is the file name: $(vFileName);



            Load * Inline [



            1,Sales,200000, 250000

            2,Human Resources,150000, 10000





            Store SampleTable INTO '$(vFullFilePath)' (qvd);


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            Mike T