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    Using BAT with Sense apps

    Dafnis X


      I have a request to create an app in Sense for various users, which would be based on the same data model but with different data for each user.

      The data (QVD files), would be created with QV server.

      A BAT  would create the data and save it in a designated folder, for each user.

      Would it be possible to have a BAT to reload the data from the different folders a separate Sense app for each user?


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          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Dafnis14 -


          EDIT:  This pertains to the FREE version of Qlik Sense Desktop. Yes - in the sense that the BAT file just creates the QVD and copies it to a location on a network drive accessible by the Desktop user. Note that each user will require their own copy of Sense Desktop and need to go into the Data Load Editor and perform a manual reload.


          Here is some additional information:


          Are you attempting to do this with the free Qlik Sense Desktop product?


          If so, the answer is no, in regards to - you are not able to have an automated or unattended reload of a Sense app with the free version of Desktop, the data must be re-loaded manually. That is one of the limitations of the free product.


          What you want to achieve can be done with the Qlik Sense full platform (server). This will be released shortly this month. It will provide complete management, security and governance capabilities including mobile access. The Qlik Sense platform will offer the same development and analytical capabilities as the free Qlik Sense Desktop product including the ability to schedule reloads of the apps. All development and analysis is performed online - using an HTML5 compliant (supported) web browser.


          You may want to rethink the process as the full platform also allows section access security (row and column level) - so you can control what data is viewed and by whom - without having to create separate QVD files for each user etc. You can setup small security tables that link to the main data tables that contain the appropriate keys and data elements to be secured.


          Please let us know if you have any more questions and if you would like to discuss this with one of our representatives.


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          Mike Tarallo


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              Dafnis X

              Hi Michael,


              Thanks for your prompt reply.

              I have one comment regarding your recommendation about not creating separate QVD files for each user:

              I assumed that this way we can prevent performance issues, since the files are pretty big.

              Wouldn't you consider this as a good approach in order to prevent performance issues at the user's side?




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                  Michael Tarallo

                  Hi Dafnis14,


                  This really depends on the application and the software version being used. If you are attempting to use the free Qlik Sense Desktop software to deploy this solution/application - and - plan on loading data into separate QVD files for either transport to each individual user or to be stored on a network share for them to access - then yes individual QVD files would be better. The files will be smaller offering quicker load times and file transport copy times, if applicable.


                  In regards to user performance - we have proven to be able to analyze extremely large sets very quickly due to our indexing engine.


                  Our software / solutions are very scalable and performant due to the compression and the in-memory indexing engine we use, breaking the files into individual QVDs per user / organization - is more of an organizational architectural decision based on your needs and maintenance of the apps.


                  If you would like to investigate these and more options I would recommend that you get in touch with one of our representatives so they can further assist you and provide you with the best options for your deployment.