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    Tables in Qlik Sense

    Robert Hutchings

      I know pivot tables have not been released yet. (It can be done by an extension it seems but not in the main product)


      But in general in future releases will straight tables be able to do in Qlik sense what Qlik view can do quite easily?



      Aligning (left right etc) columns

      dragging columns into different locations

      changing the size of column (by dragging across the right column)



      or is this a limitation of QS. I know the width is automatically adjusted to fit the page but sometimes the table looks quite ugly. Whereas the rest of QS looks very slick.


      We use tables a lot at work. I would sooner tables took less column width and a shaded area to fill the page. (but maybe it is not an issue really



      QS demo of a table


      Qlik Sense