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    Intel E5-2667v3 - already whitelisted?

    Roland Vecera



      The last "Qlik Scalability Center Server Whitelist" I have found is from May 2014.


      Since then Intel has released the E5-2667v3. From the specs it looks better than the E5.2690v2 with higher clock speed (3.2 GHz over 3 GHz) and support for DDR4 2133


      Has someone at scalability center already tested this CPU? We get the first requests to deploy these type of machines!




        • Re: Intel E5-2667v3 - already whitelisted?
          Pawel Fobka

          Hi Roland,


          We have not tested servers with this CPU model.

          The specs show couple of differences in comparison to v2: higher clock speed, higher speed for QPI links and as you mentioned supports for DDR4.


          What is important is that usually CPUs with higher clock frequency have less cores and this is also the case for E5-2690 v1 (10 cores) vs E5-2667 v3 (8 cores).


          At the moment we do not have information how servers with this CPU model perform.