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    creating 30min range

      Hi folks,


      I want create a time range dimension to have the following values in 30 minutes range:


      7:00 AM

      7:30 AM

      8:00 AM

      8:30 AM

      until 11:30 PM


      So I have a time field that shows for example

      07:15 AM

      3:23 PM

      4:54 PM


      If I select 7:15AM I should see this date under the 7:00 to 7:30am slot.


      I created an inline like this but it is not working when I do the intervalmatch with the time field from my database.

      LOAD * INLINE [

      Start, End, Slot

      07:00, 07:29, 7:00 AM

      07:30, 07:59, 7:30 AM

      08:00, 08:29, 8:00 AM



      It looks like the interval match works with numbers but when I use time it doesn't work. Any suggestion of what is the formatting to use?