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    Multiple Reloads & Publishes with Publisher



      We've recently been required to support multiple versions and environments of our ERP system in our QlikView development environment. For example: Version 1.0 will have a Development and Production environment, while Version 2.0 will have a Development and Test environment.


      We have a configuration file for the server that defines which version and environments are required at that moment in time. For example:


      Local Configuration.txt contains:






      The QVD generators are straight forward:


      2014-10-23 11_09_40-QlikView Management Console.png


      Each generator can use the Version_Environment variable to determine where to pull the data from and which folder to store the QVDs into.


      I'm having trouble with the published reports however. The Published report needs to know at time of the reload which QVD folder it is pulling from. And ideally, I want them to be published as:


      Published Report 1 – 1.0 Development.qvw

      Pulblished Report 2 – 2.0 Test.qvw

      I've tried using combinations of the Reload -> Script Parameters and Loop and Reduce, but so far no luck. The Script Parameters seems to cause multiple reloads without publish, and I believe the Loop and Reduce reduces after both reloads are complete.

      Is there a combination of settings that will give me what I want?