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    How to re-create an application from the -prj folder ?



      I'm trying to set up our dev infrastructure for QlikView projects, and we want to to use git as our (d)vcs.

      For that, I want to use the -prj feature of QlikView.

      I have created a sample application (test1.qvw), then a test1-prj folder alongside the app. Saved the app, and prj forlder is populated with flats files. So far so good.

      Now I want to re-create my app out of the flat files:

      • rename test1.qvw to test1-back.qvw
      • create a new app in QlikView (Ctrl+N)
      • don't do anything but save it under test1.qvw, alongside the test1-prj folder
      • close the new empty app
      • re-open it, and.......


      .... nothing ! The app is not restore out of the prj folder.

      I must be missing some obvious point, but I can't get what... Any tips ?