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    Look up values in a field


      How to search for specific text within a field that contains various information separated by commas ?

      I set up a market research and multiple choice answers were built in the database by joining the Google Forms information and separating comma as the example . Need to separate the information . Thus , I thought to create three more columns that will function to search for text within a field and return it me or has not.


      What your choice of colors : White , Black and Red ?WhiteBlackRed
      Black, RedNotYesYes
      White, BlackYesYesNot
      White, Black, RedYesYesYes



      Excel can result in using:

      B2   =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("White";A2))

      C2   =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Black";A2))

      D2   =ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Red";A2))


      How to do this in Qlikview ?





      Odair Jr.