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    Stop reloads from refreshing documents in use

    Cary Connor

      Currently, we have our qlikview documents reloading on external event  - triggered from EDX from a sql server when the data is refreshed. Data is continually being loaded into the database which triggers the reloads often - sometimes as frequently as every minute. This keeps the documents with the most recent data. The issue we have is if a user has a document open, they continually get a message stating "updating please try again" which can cause frustration while a document is being used.


      What settings should I have in the Qlikview Management Console and on the document so that once a user has a document open, it will not be refreshed with reloaded data?


      Currently I have set the following in QMC and the document itself:







      I'm not sure where or what combination of settings I should have to prevent this.


      Thanks in advance for any help!!

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          Colin Albert

          You could control this is the load script rather than from the QMC.


          On completion of your load script write a qvd file that contains the current timestamp.


          Then when your reload starts, first load the timestamp QVD and compare the timestamp  to the current time, If the data was reloaded in the past N minutes, the call Exit Script to abort the reload task until next triggered.

          The exit will not cause the timestamp qvd to update.

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              Cary Connor

              Thanks Colin but it's not that I don't want the reloaded data - when a reload starts it is because I have new data and anyone who accesses the document should have data that is as up to date as possible.


              I have a document that is accessible to multiple users - they all have access to the same data. I have data coming into our database - as an example - a new sale every few minutes. We go through the database process to load the data with the appropriate information and then when that is done the EDX is triggered to load the data into the qlikview document.


              I have user A who has opened the document at 10:00 am - and starts to do analysis on the data in the document.

              New data comes in 5 minutes later triggering a refresh.

              I have user B who now opens the document at 10:10 am - this document would contain the new data but the document that user A has open would not.


              How can I have multiple copies of the document open with the data that was there when the user opened the document - as well as stop the "updating please try again" message that is triggered by refreshes of the data?