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    Qlik Sense Pivot tables

    Mark O'Donovan

      Hi there,


      Anyone else holding back from using qlik sense until pivot tables are included as part of the installation ?


      If this users in Finance would find it very useful if only it had the pivot table.


      It would be great to know when this might be part of the qlik sense release.







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          Michael Tarallo
          Hi Mark - it should be available shortly. Our team is already preparing various materials around this feature (and more) and we are very excited to see this coming in the product. Stay tuned.
          Update: My 2 cents - holding off on using a product (free or not) , until a specific feature is available is not really something I would recommend in either case. As you know software is constantly evolving and there are always other features, work-arounds and other solutions that can fill the need or temporarily fill the gap. Our community has created a Pivot Table extension object for example, it is available ion the community and on our developer exchange - Qlik Branch.  At the same time - individuals can become educated in while using the product and learn new ways to interact and visualize their data. For example, many visualization experts agree that a Pivot table (not pivot charts) may not be and ideal way to visualize data, (not analyze) however I understand its importance and use for many user types such as finance. Also one would need to consider if the product is the right product for that user-type for example.


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          Mike T


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              Mark O'Donovan

              Thanks for the reply Michael,


              At the moment I am using the qlik sense desktop for my own projects and to analyze data for small projects. 


              When the pivot table is available we will have more of a case to get the licenses required to start using the qlik sense server.


              I will look into the pivot table extension.


              The finance users here use Excel and Essbase, and would require a user friendly way to create pivot tables to move away from Excel.


              I am looking forward to the qlik sense updates.





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                Robert Hutchings

                For example, many visualization experts agree that a Pivot table is a horrible way to visualize data




                Tables (straight and Pivot) are a great way to visualise data. And at present both the straight  and lack of a pivot table let what is otherwise a great product down badly.