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    calendar view

      Are there widgets/addons for qlikview that can mimic an actual calendar that I can display data on?  I've seen it done in tableau without an extension, but havent been able to even partiall recreate in qlikview.


      What I want to be able to do is display a calendar, and in each day of the week show it as either a heatmap (colored based on stats) or show specific information (i.e. numerator/denominator/%) for like a utilization chart.  When you click on a calendar day I'd like to be able to drop in to an actual table or pivot of the data that created that date as well.


      I don't know if at my work we're allowed to deploy any kind of extentsions or such, so something that would work without would be preferable, but at this point, i'll take something I can do locally as well.


      I'm sorry if this is in the wrong area as well.. by all means please move it.


      Thanks for looking!