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    Sum of Quantitiy - Expression


      Dear All,


      I'm facing an issue in sum of quantity expressions.


      Problem: When I'm using these expressions, these expressions are returning Zero "0" instead of sum of quantity.


      Please note, D is stand for Day(s)


      Here are expressions:

      1D = Sum({<cdate = {">=$(=Date(Max([date/time])))"}>} [quantity])

      7D = Sum({<cdate = {">=$(=Date(Max([date/time])-6))"}>} [quantity])

      15 = Sum({<cdate = {">=$(=Date(Max([date/time])-15))"}>} [quantity])

      30D = Sum({<cdate = {">=$(=Date(Max([date/time])-30))"}>} [quantity])

      Kindly find attached Qlik Sense app, please make correction and share me back as I can incorporate changes in my original app.



      Kind regards,

      Ishfaque Ahmed