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    how to make the pie bigger and legend smaller?

    Steve Lord

      Hi, I have a pretty nice pie chart setup, with the legend, and relative percents shown around it. 1 dimension, 1 expression.  (The aggregation and crosstabl loads done in script to make that dimension happen were pretty cool.)


      The pie is a bit small though, maybe occupying 15% of the object area.  I hovered around to see if there was an invisible line between legend and pie, for me to drag to the right and let the pie be bigger, but there is none.  The legend words aren't that big, but there is a lot of empty space off to the right of them and no hidden spaces in their values.  Toggling the font size doesn't make them move anywhere either.  Overall real estate is limited, so I don't want to expand the outside border of the chart beyond what it is.  Just expand the pie and squeeze out some of the empty space inside the border...


      Approaches I'd like to try if possible:

      1> I'd just like to push the legend over some and let the pie expand so the pie is the largest element in the chart.

      2> I'd be willing to plot the % values directly on the pie wedges instead of outside the wedges to give the pie space to expand again, but I don't see that as an option either.  (and maybe the % outside the smaller wedge would end up outside the wedge or disappearing anyway.)


      Thanks in advance!