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    Wearables, Fitness, and Wellness Programs/Challenges - Want to Collaborate?

    Joe Warbington

      When Qlik Sense was released last Fall, I created a Fitness Challenge app that tracked a group of participants for a few weeks. It was a fun project, exercise-wise and app-crafting-wise. We used Nike+ FuelBands to monitor activity (fuel points), calories, and steps. Encouragement throughout the short program gave updates on current standings and tips were provided to up your steps.



      I can provide a demo to anyone that is interested.


      Recently, Qlik embarked on a Global Fitness Challenge with all employees getting Fitbit devices as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. (Side note: each employee has also pledged to donate at least $10 to HOPEHIV, a wonderful charity that supports kids who have been given the toughest of tough starts.) This will be a large dataset tracking months of activity for over 1500 individuals.

      I would like to collaborate with more organizations in exploring solutions around Fitness and Wellness Programs, which likely you all are starting to get involved in. Are you building any apps around these or other devices?: Fitbit, Pebble, Jawbone Up, Nike+ Fuelband, Apple Watch, Garmin, Misfit, Basis, Moov, TomTom, Withings, iPhone, Fitbug, Samsung. Did I miss any?


      Are you looking at your Patient Reported Outcomes data that is fed back into your EHR from these devices (and things like Apple's HealthKit integrations with Epic for MyChart or Cerner's HealthyNow)? Or are you looking at your company's wellness program data like we're doing at Qlik?


      Happy to collaborate! Now, get out there and MOVE!


      - Joe Warbington
      Qlik Healthcare