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    Dropdown extension for QlikSense

    Chenna Reddy

      Hi All,


      I am in a need of creating dropdown extension object which will allow "Always one selected" feature included.(there is already an extension with listbox, but this is occupying more space when working with QlikSense).


      I have tried changing existing listbox extension to dropdown, but could not find any solution.


      Can any one help on this.


      We need this feature on high priority.




        • Re: Dropdown extension for QlikSense
          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Chenna - are you interested in setting a default value for the chart objects instead? This will give you the same result, I believe. Unless you have another usecase in mind. You can also have the option to change the value if need be. See attached .qvf file.


          Copy .qvf to C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps - refresh Desktop with F5


          For example your measure can be locked to the default dimension value using Set Analysis - like this:


          if(getselectedcount(CategoryName) = 0, Sum({$<CategoryName={$(DefaultCat)}>}Sales),



          I also used a variable to set the default selections - see the load editor in the app.



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          Mike Tarallo