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    Out of Object Memory

      I am using 8.5 and I have a qvw file which I consider to be quite small at 7MB in size. All the objects run satisfactorily in summary mode but when I try to create a transaction level object I always get "Out of object memory". There seems to be a limit of less than 2500 records!!!!

      I have tried the following:

      1. Using getPossibleCount to restrict the data works OK but I would like to remove this restriction.
      2. Settings > User Preferences > Objects tab > Calculated Formulas. Incremented from 1MB to 10MB.
      3. Settings > User Preferences > Objects tab > Sort By Express. Incremented from 2MB to 10MB
      4. Settings > User Preferences > Export tab > Export Memory. Increased from 1024MB to 1500MB

      I do not understand what the problem is and how I can diagnose how to fix it.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.



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          Sathish G


          Plz check any syncronous key is there in ur application?

          I am not sure may be some time?

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              Unfortunately there are no sync keys. Everything looks OK. Thanks for the thought

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                  Sathish G

                  Hi Pieter

                  One more suggestion go for ur system properties --> Advanced --> Virtual Memory

                  In that defauflt 2mb is allocated for all system.

                  u change to maximum then try



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                      Hi Satish

                      Thanks for the information. I have now tried this and unfortuantely this did not work either.

                      Thanks you for taking the time to respond I am going to send the file to support. I will inform you all of the answer I get..


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                          Sravan Puppala

                          @ Peter Crossly

                          Did u get any feedback. I am facing the same problem too.



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                              Hi Sravan

                              I received the following response from UK Support:

                              I would suggest as a first step, you look at the number of fields being included in the application and validate that they are all required. Fields loaded but not referenced in any sheet objects will still use memory. I would then suggest looking at the data structure as there are quite a few tables which could require QV to link across each of these tables to locate all the items in your display table. I think it is the structure of the data model rather than the volume of records which is causing your problem."


                              The information sent to me below provides some useful techniques for improving application performance.


                              Hope this helps you as it helped me


                              Best regards




                              Author: ABY, QlikTech UK.

                              Performance Checklist…5 quick wins…

                              A QlikView application can be constructed in different ways and still present the user with the same results.

                              However, there are a few pointers below to aid in speeding up your analysis……

                              1 - Memory Intensive Expressions

                              Wherever you see the ellipsis within QlikView you can ad a dynamic/database object/function. This does also mean that you can add complex formulas and functions to most parts of your application, including Titles, text objects, chart headers etc etc. You must remember that any object or item that requires a calculation, takes up some memory.

                              2 - Pivot vs Straight Table

                              Pivot tables give the user a massive amount of flexibility but basic straight tables are less memory intensive in large data volume implementations.

                              3 - Many leaf data structures

                              If, within your data model, you have a large amount of tables that simple contain 2 columns (usually used for codes and descriptions), you could look to using the Mapping Load and Applymap functions to pull the leaf tables closer to the fact table therefore reducing the model complexity.

                              4 - Remove unused data from the model

                              Removing data that is not required from your data model can reduce the volume and uniqueness of the data model. This reduced uniqueness and smaller model will mean the application has a reduced footprint in memory and result in faster analysis. You can simply comment the columns out to ensure that if they are needed at a later date you can easily readd them.

                              5 - Script side IF Statements

                              In most applications it is absolutely fine to add IF statements and other formulas to your charts, but in larger data volume apps or in areas where memory power is restricted you may be able to add the data to the script…for example, in a chart you may wish to just view sales for Product ABC so the expression will be something like…..

                              SUM(IF Product = 'ABC',Sales,0)

                              You could move this line to the script and create an ABC Sales column….

                              IF(Product = 'ABC',Sales,0) as ABC_Sales

                              The chart can then simply use




                              as the expression.

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                      Johannes Sunden

                      Hi Peter,

                      It's hard to say what the issue is right off the bat like this. The actual file size usually has little to do with the amount of RAM consumed when calculating objects. I would suggest sending this document to support.

                      However, here's a few things that are usually present in objects where Out of object memory occurs.

                      Several dimensions & Expressions, Calculated dimensions, "Expensive" expressions (Count distinct, string comparison, nested conditions based on calculations), Pivoted pivot tables, Something strange with the data structure. Unfortunately it's very hard to say what might be causing the issue in this case but I've yet to seen a document where changing the internal memory settings would be required for an object to calculate.

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                        Normal 0

                        Out of Object Memory

                        This error message can occur for several reasons. Is this happening during a script reload or when a chart or object on the page is trying to reload? If it's a chart it is because of your expressions. You either have to much data, to long, or a really bad if statement in one of your expressions. Check that out, and let me know. If it's a chart please post your expressions so I can have a look at it.