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    Create a .bat file to call on and execute a task in MC

      I'm sure that this topic has been beaten like a dead horse, however, after doing extensive research, I still couldn't find an answer to my question.  So pretty much, here's the scenario that I'm facing.

      We have a Qlikview Server and Publisher and I would like to create a .bat file that our external job program would call on, to process a task in the Qlikview Management Console.  The reason being is that we have other jobs that populate our tables that Qlik pulls from, and those tables don't consistently get populated at a certain time.

      By creating a .bat file, we will be able to call on it and create another job that will have dependecies on the tables, meaning the tables will need to be populated first, before it gets kicked off. Any ideas or suggestions?



      How to create a .bat file to call on and execute a task in the Management Console

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          Ian McGivern

          Hi Vanvic,


          You may get more replies posting QlikView questions in the QlikView section.


          Not sure if this will help (or if it's too simple) but what I'd suggest is to add one more file in the mix (i.e. CSV) that has one value ('Updated' or 'Not Updated').


          When your "Populate QVWs" run - if they run on dependency then the last one, else if it's random then all of them - have them store the CSV with the value 'Updated'.


          When your "Analysis QVWs" run - have an IF statement that reads the contents of the CSV and if it's 'Updated' reload else stay put. If it updates, store the CSV file with the value 'Not Updated'


          You may find using the logic similar to the above a bit easier than writing macro's (worrying about security) and trying to trigger API's within the QMC.