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    Qlik Sense Setup

      Hi, I am new to the Qlik Sense product. I have downloaded the "Qlik_Sense_Desktop_setup.exe" setup file. Is this program run on client or server? If its a client program, From where I can download the qlik sense server setup?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The Qlik Sense Desktop is not supposed to be installed on the server. In fact it won't even install on a server OS. If you don't know where to download the Qlik Sense Server software that probably means you shouldn't. Ask your Qlik account manager or Qlik Partner. The software can be downloaded from a download page that only Qlik Partners and Qlik Customers have access to.

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            Anand Chouhan



            If you are the Qlikview Partner or in your team any one have Qlik partner login details on the Qlik site then from there you can able to download the QlikSense Server setup file otherwise you not able to download the setup file. Ask in your team member that if they have details for this than you can able to get download page on the Qlik site. And then enjoy Qlik Sense Development.




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              Michael Tarallo

              Hello Kshitij,


              Welcome to the Qlik Sense community! - If you are new to Qlik Sense - this is a great place to get started:



              Qlik Sense Desktop is our free, fully functional product that is for individual business and personal use. Apps created with Qlik Sense Desktop - CAN be imported into our licensed Qlik Sense Server product - but Qlik Sense Desktop IS NOT required. Qlik Sense Server - provides the same analysis, development and creation capabilities as Desktop, but in an online environment. Qlik Sense Server is only available to our customers and partners. However if you Contact Qlik Qoncierge Service | Qlik - they can put you in touch with someone - where you MAY be able to get a trial key for the server.


              NOTE: I'll be presenting our Qlik Sense weekly getting started webinar tomorrow (Thursday) at 2PM EST - where you can learn more. You can register here: Getting started with Qlik Sense Desktop - hope to see you there. 


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              Mike Tarallo