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    Please Help

    Binod Kuma

      I have table like this. So here in below table i have

      5 Keys with outage type 0 and out of those for only KEYS(192408 ,192412,192410) i have got some duration in seconds


      So here duration_seconds is the amount of time the system is down and hence i need to get the %of uptime by dividing the duration_Seconds with total duration and then substract that value  by 1 to get the uptime %.


      2323201924083/19/2015 17:293/19/2015 17:2900
      2323211924093/19/2015 17:293/19/2015 17:2900
      2323221924103/19/2015 17:293/19/2015 17:2900
      3181941924125/15/2015 16:225/15/2015 16:2200
      3181951924085/20/2015 23:485/21/2015 0:1214141
      3181961924105/25/2015 22:305/25/2015 23:3012001
      3181961924125/5/2015 22:305/6/2015 8:10348001



      Here suppose i need to pull out the average uptime% of the month of may by selecting the Month May from Master Calendar so in above example i have only one KEY 192410,192412 as outage type 1 in the table so for the month of MAY all the other 3 KEYS values should be considered as 100% and then the average of all the percentages should be calculated and shown in TEXT BOX .