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    Howto add a published community sheet to the approved sheets

    Allard Couwenberg

      As a developer I prepare and publish an application to facilitate multiple analysts.

      This application contains a nice datamodel, and some sheets as a starting point.


      Then multiple users start to work with the dashboard, and create their own visualizations in "My Sheets".

      Sheets that are particularly interesting, can be shared with other users by "Publishing" it to the "Community Sheets".


      Now consider the following use-case: I, as a "developer and owner of the app" want to include some of these published community sheets into the master application. So when I want to update the script/datamodel, I do a "duplicate" of the app, change script/datamodel, optionally also add sheets, and can then publish this app to "replace the existing" version: pushing the update to all users.


      BUT: after doing a duplicate of the application (mandatory, else I cannot change anything), the community sheets are not available in the duplicated app! So: how can I include these user-made-publish-worthy visualizations?

      Manually copy all of the visualizations and reconstruct the layout?? I hope not!


      Am I missing a (security) setting? Did I misunderstand the intended development/design process?


      The QMC can show me these community sheets, but also doesn't provide me any way of changing/promoting the scope...