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    Removing Synthetic Keys and Data Consistancy

      I'm working on cleansing an array of data that I have parsed out based on each cross-functional division, for example, I have an individual Excel file for Finance, HR, Sales, the list goes on ....


      I have found it easy, within the aforementioned Excel files, to maintain the same headings for each division, such as Metric, Division, Date, Plan, Actuals, etc. However, once I import these flat-files into QlikView, synthetic keys are created for each table forthright.




      1) Is it possible for me to a single LOAD INLINE statement in which I define all of the identical fields within each file, and then CONCATENATE them all to this hardcoded fact table? If not, does anyone have any other suggestions to implement in order to keep my Excel naming standardized, while keeping my script as efficient as possible?


      2) If I were to create this LOAD INLINE statement, I eventually need to rename my DATE to MONTH(DATE) as Month and YEAR(DATE) as Year. Should this also be defined in the LOAD INLINE statement?


      Thanks in advance for any and all help.