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    Formula for summing a value of a dimension

      Hi, I want to show the sum of a value of a dimension in a KPI. I have created the following hypothetical example to illustrate.



      North956.376,34 €
      South805.544,99 €
      East686.844,42 €
      West581.089,77 €
      * Dimension: Sales
      * North, South, East, West are dimensional values




      John315.604,19 €
      Bob191.275,27 €
      Billy239.094,08 €
      Lincoln210.402,79 €

      * Breakdown of North



      What would be the best way to show the total sum of all sales in North, i.e., 956.376,34 € in the front end? My formula is

      sum(if(Type='ComponentCVaR',Type,null())) but it is not working...


      Thank you.