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    QlikSense - pivot table - change color of cell vs average of grouping

      Hi - this is my first post and I am just learning QlikSense.  Thanks in advance for your help.


      I cannot upload my data due to confidentiality.


      I have a pivot table that looks like the table below.

      I would like to be able to color code the cells where the unit values are below average in red and above average in green.

      The value for "average for task" is a row in my data set.  I would need some kind of formula that references the average cell, within each grouping for comparison to the current cell value. 


      I hope all that makes sense. Any help / guidance / link to a place where I can RTFM are all appreciated.


      Task / EmployeeQ1q2
      Task 1

        employee 1

      5 units10 units
        employee 210 units20 units
        employee 315 units30 units
        Average for Task10 units20 units
      Task 2
        employee 1...xxxx