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    If statements and set analysis question

      I am currently working on an expression using set analysis. The initial part works but then I also need to add a check for a date. The first part of the expression works where if the condition exists for each person in my chart, then I was to see "Yes" on the chart and if not then I see "No' on the chart. The RDS_Value here would either be 0 or 1 so if there is just one record for this type that is a 1, then I would see Yes. This part works by itself.





      ( (numericcount({$ <RDS_Type = {DailyCount} >} RDS_Value )) >0, 'Yes', 'No')

      The second part that I am trying to include in the first expression is to check the dates. I need to check that the date that is associated with each record matches a particular date variable. If I check the dates in general with this expression, it works.





      (RDSWeekValue=varWeek1Start, 1,0)

      Now I just need to get these 2 expressions combined.





      (RDSWeekValue=varWeek1Start,if( (numericcount({$ <RDS_Type = {DailyCount} >} RDS_Value )) >0, 'Yes', 'No'),'No')

      This combination above however did not work. Any other suggestions? Thank you!!