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    Accumulative sum for two dimensions

    John Lee



      In this example we're trying to accumulate market values, 'MV', by 'Period' (January to December, or last month of the year) and 'Region', (A, B, C, or D), and then graph the results in a line chart.

      Using RangeSum(Above(Sum(MV),0,Month)) produces the correct results when the pivot table is collapsed to the 'Period' dimension, but once you expand the pivot table to 'Region' the formula breaks.


      We can mimic the correct results by dragging the 'Region' dimension across the top and using the previousRangeSum() formula. But once you convert this pivot table to a line chart the accumulation is lost.



      Accumulate market values from January to December (or last month of the year), and break it up by region.