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    Row level data reduction as well as hide the entire column

    Amit Mishra

      Hi All,


      We are in some situation need your help here.


      Requirement is to hide row level data based on the unit and country, I'm able to do that

      How it is being done is------> Creating a security key using Unit & Country col and joining that with my fact table...giving one example here please open the attached XLS.


      If user Tom has access to Unit one and country A Tom will see only that row(Sale rev Margin)(1,0,0.1)

      likewise if Micky has access to unit 1 and country B than Micky will see only that row(2,9,0.2)


      This is being done as we have data at country level and Unit level in our fact


      there are two kinds of users in our security QVD (SR(Sale Rev) and SRM(Slae Rev Margin)) now i have to hide the whole Margin columns from 3rd user


      e.g Usr Jhon has access to Unit 1 Country C than Jhon should see only Sale and Rev not the Margin, now the problem is is user has access to entire row how can i hide the Margin column?


      Also attaching my Security QVD in xls