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    general question

      hello guys,

      if i got two dimension,then we will give like

      dimensionality()=1 for first dimension

      dimensionality()=2 for sec dimension

      so now

      dimensionality()=0 ?(is it represence  for TOTAL )?

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          Jonathan Dienst

          This indicates the depth in a pivot table -- the number of dimensions for that line.


          For example, a pivot with 4 dimensions:


               Detail - dimensionality() = 4

               Subtotal on 4th dimension - dimensionality() = 3    

               Subtotal on 3rd dimension - dimensionality() = 2

               Subtotal on 2nd dimension - dimensionality() = 1

               Total - dimensionality() = 0

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            Jonathan Dienst

            Dimensionality() applies to the row dimensions. If a dimension is dragged to the top to make a cross table, you need to use SecondaryDimensionality() to work out the dimensionality of the columns.