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    Custom Sort

    Reinhold Graf

      I need to establish a custom sort (as per Division).


      Data comes in disordered.

      After that, I sort the Divisions as follows:




              load * inline


                      'RIDI DE',1


                      'RIDI PL',3

                      'RIDI AT',4

                      'RIDI UK',5

                      'RIDI CH',6

                      'RIDI FR',7;




      But, it doesn't work.

      If I use Custom-Sort / numerical, the sort-order isn't as above.


      What am I doing wrong ?

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Reinhold, first load the mapping table (you left the close bracket, and doesn't needs to be between single quotes):



                  load * inline


                          RIDI DE,1


                          RIDI PL,3

                          RIDI AT,4

                          RIDI UK,5

                          RIDI CH,6

                          RIDI FR,7



          then load the divisions applying the map:

          [03) Divisionen]:

          LOAD Dual([Test],Applymap('TextSort',[Test]) as Division;

          FROM [lib://produktiv/Division-Test.xlsx]

          (ooxml, embedded labels, table is [03) Divisionen]);

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            Reinhold Graf

            Thanks a lot - working now


            For other newbies:

            • add a second ')' to [Test])
            • leave ';' after as Division;