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    How to create bookmark using .Net SDK

      I have a local instance of QlikSense installed.

      I am using QlikSense SDK libraries in my .Net web application.

      I have tried creating bookmarks but was not successful.


      I am using the following C# code,

                  IAppField field1 = application.GetAppField("derwew");



                  IAppField field2 = application.GetAppField("xpaBx");

                  field2.SelectValues(new[] { 1, 45, 77 }, toggleMode: false, softLock: false);

                  var bookmarkProperties = new BookmarkProperties


                      SheetId = thisSheetId,

                      //Title = "New Bookmark",

                      CreationDate = "2014-10-07T19:43:16.523Z",

                      SelectionFields = "derwew, xpaBx"




      1. I am not sure how to get the name of the name of the app field to be used in GetAppField method.

      2. I am not able to use Title for the bookmark in BookmarkProperties. It says it is not a property. Its the same with SDK 2.1.1 and SDK 2.0.1


      Thank you.