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    map - country / site alternative dimension



      For map visualization, is there the possibility to have a dimension that would show on the graph either at country level, or site (city) level ?

      I tried with a master item, but then I cannot find a way to switch the graph from one dimension level to the other.


      Another problem is when there is no coordinates for a site, how would it be possible to associate a product with the coordinate of the country ?


      Example of data model












      Product name


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          Liron Baram


          first in built in map object you can't change the dimension

          in works only with one dimension

          and each map support only one layer

          as for the coordinates you'll need to fill the site coordinates with the country data

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            This is how it could be done with the map extension IdevioMaps, see http://bi.idevio.com (email info@idevio.com if you would like to try it):


            To show country and/or site you could either define a drill down hierarchy with a country level and a site level, or you could display them both at the same time in different levels. Add a IdevioMap component, an AreaLayer for the countries and a BubbleLayer for the sites. If you have a drill down hierarchy set them do display in drill down level 0 and 1 respectively in Layer Options -> Restrict Drill Down.


            With a drill down, the level will switch from country to site when only one country is selected.


            I interpret it as you would like to use a center coordinate of the country when the site coordinate is null. One way would be to fix it with some loops and fixes in the load script but the easiest would probably be to add a separate Bubble Layer for these sites with the dimension like:

            =if(isnull(Site.Coordinate) and not isnull(Site), Country)

            Uncheck show null values.

            This way the country center would be looked up in the Idevio location service and the bubble displayed only for sites missing coordinate (assuming missing coordinate means it is null). Hopefully this expression works for your data but as I have not tested it there are no guarantees