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    How do I grant access to an AWS instance of Sense Server?

    Mark Monfort

      I found the links and instructions on how to get Sense server up and running on an AWS instance.


      I can access the Hub when I remote onto the server and go localhost/hub however when I try the desktop link to the hub it does not work... the connection says "An Error Occured... Connection lost. Make sure that Qlik Sense is running properly...."


      I think this has to do with the virtual proxy rules and the websocket origin white list. The instructions say to put in the IP address of the server on there but I'm not sure how it works on amazon instances...


      For example when I was testing Qlikview Server... the AWS was not accessible just by typing 52.xx.xx.xxx/qlik...

      it was ec2-52-xx-xx-xxx.ap-southeast.2.compute.amazonaws.com/qlik


      So going back to the whitelist in the Sense Server I have tried

      - 52.xx.xx.xxx

      - ec2-52-xx-xx-xxx.ap-southeast-2.compute.amazonaws.com


      Neither of these work.


      Can somebody please advise how they got around this in AWS? Thank you