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    Formular sorting one number

      hey @ all,


      i am having a problem with a diagram and the values which shoud be shorted for this diagramm.


      The Problem:


      I had to make some diagrams from some orderings but the order is the last two numbers from a value in this number.


      For example:


      Ordernumber1: 100458500030

      Ordernumber2: 100898500080


      My testing idea was to that there is a condition using the formula like =if(OperationId=(*30),OperationId) but the *30 isn't working.


      For this diagram i want to sort after 30 and 80.

      All with 30 at the end in one diagramm and all 80 in the the other one.

      I didn't find any way to make this working.


      And my desire is that i can generate diagrams after every, i will say status(30,80), for this at runtime.

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Tim, I'm not sure to understand the problem but about your 'If' testing, you can try with:

          =if(Right(OperationId, 2)='30',OperationId)

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            Marco Wedel

            please post some more sample data and your exprected result.





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              @Ruben Marin:

              Thx for your request this was the right formula. My solution for the first step now is:


              sum(if(Right(OperationId, 2)='30',yield.primary))

              yield.primary = the pices per Order


              The second problem with more sample data and information:


              OrderIDs:                                       department:

              Ordernumber1: 100458500030               IT

              Ordernumber2: 100898500080               IT

              Ordernumber3: 100834300080               production

              Ordernumber4: 100789500010               production

              Ordernumber5: 100321500050               production


              In the table above you can see that there are two orders for IT with two different last numbers: 30 and 80

              And for prodction there are 3: 10, 50 and 80


              My idea is that i can create diagramms dynamic for each department and the last numbers.


              For example: Cost center one hast 2 steps for making a product and cost center two has 3.

              If the user is looking at a cost center he wants to see the data for every step but the problem is that there are different steps(numbers) and different numbers in steps.


              My question is how can i solve this that qlikview shows two diagramms for IT (30,80) and for production 3 (80,10,50) without looking at 3 diagramms(one empty) in IT.


              I hope you can understand my idea.


              Thx for all your comments.



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                  kushal chawda

                  what do you mean by Diagram? Can you draw one Diagram for us?

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                    Ruben Marin

                    I don't know what you mean by 'Diagram' either but if you want to use that 2 last digits as a dimension you may create it as a field:

                    LOAD ....

                         Right(OperationId, 2) as StepNumber


                    To show only by department (without empy 'diagrams') depends of the kind of chart you're using and how distributes the information, maybe you find that issue or maybe it directly works as you want.

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                      This is a sample i made.

                      Every of this chart should be on the same page.


                      The left one is cost center X with two operations. op 10 and op 80 should be shown.

                      The middle is how it looks now. A diagramm with no data in op 30 for cost center Y.

                      But i only want to look at the right side with the op 10 shown on the page for this costcenter.

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                          Ruben Marin

                          If you create one field to store the operation (or StepNumber) you can use this field as the conditional show of the chart, in the 'Design' tab check the 'Conditional' option and an expression similar to:

                          =Count({<StepNumber={'30'}, CostCenter={'Y'}>} StepNumber)


                          If the count is =0 (no records with StepNumber='30' for the CostCenter='Y') the chart will be hidden.

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                              Hey Ruben,


                              Thx for your answer, i am a newby and can't follow you.


                              I think there could be a way over one step more:


                              I made a listbox, where die OrderIDs where sorted like ( 20, 50, 80)

                              and now i want to read the data form this listbox like



                              =sum(if(Right(OperationId, 2)='THE_FRIST_NUMBER_ID_IN_THE_LISTBOX',opm.act.yield.primary))


                              And for this i can make one formula for every diagramm like the followed ones:


                              Diagramm 1:

                              =sum(if(Right(OperationId, 2)='THE_FRIST_NUMBER_ID_IN_THE_LISTBOX',opm.act.yield.primary))


                              Diagramm 2:

                              =sum(if(Right(OperationId, 2)='THE_SECOND_NUMBER_ID_IN_THE_LISTBOX',opm.act.yield.primary))


                              For this die diagramms and the listbox is very dynamic for every costcenter because of there are other operationIDs in the listbox for every costcenter.


                              Thx for your help!

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                                Any idea?

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                                    Ruben Marin

                                    Hi Tim, sorry about the delay but I'm busy and I can't elaborate any sample.


                                    Just some tips in case those helps you:

                                    - Using "concat(distinct FieldNameInListBox, ';')" or "getfieldselections(FieldNameInListBox, ';')" you can get all the values in the list box separated by a semicolon (you can change the separator). The getfieldselections option only retrieves all selected values, the concat option returns all posible values.


                                    - Based on this string you can use Subfield() to get the value in a determined position, i.e., using Subfield(Concat(distinct FieldNameInListBox, ';'), ';', 2), you'll get the second value of the possible values in the listbox.


                                    So you can try with:

                                    Diagram 1: =sum(if(Right(OperationId, 2)=Subfield(Concat(distinct FieldNameInListBox, ';'), ';', 1),opm.act.yield.primary))

                                    Diagram 2: =sum(if(Right(OperationId, 2)=Subfield(Concat(distinct FieldNameInListBox, ';'), ';', 2),opm.act.yield.primary))

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                                        Hello Ruben,


                                        Thx for your Help, i think it's the one i want to have but,

                                        i can't go on because i don't know how qlikview knows which listbox/element it should use:


                                        In the picture you can see the listbox is got after filling in the formula and the frist number in the orange circle (placeholders 1-2-3) i want so see in the chart above. If there is a 50 in the frist row then the chart shows there numbers.

                                        For this your answer should be the right one but how can i use (distinct FieldNameInListBox, to get these numbers?

                                        Qlikview tells me there is an error in the formula.

                                        I think it's a my mistake because of didn't know much about qlikview works.



                                        (The window at the right are the properties form the listbox.

                                        Thanks for your help again.

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                                balraj ahlawat

                                You are missing Like operator with wildmatch string, try this:


                                =if(OperationId like '*30',OperationId)   //will work for sure

                                Also check the Suppress null values

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                                  kushal chawda

                                  Create the two flags in the script


                                  =if(wildmatch(Ordernumber1,'*30',1) as OrderFlag_30,

                                  if(wildmatch(Ordernumber1,'*80',1) as OrderFlag_80



                                  Now you can use this Flag in your expression


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                                    Mark Little



                                    Why don't you create this in script so you can easily access in the set analysis.

                                    Right(OperationId, 2)  as OperationSort,

                                    Then in your set analysis you can just do thing like