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    Including tenths/hundredths of second in Time

      Looked at all references to Time and Time# and could only find 'hh:mm:ss tt' documented.  Excel provides for tenths, hundredths, etc. of a second (e.g. "mm:ss.0").  When I do the same with Qlik only those values having zero tenths get converted (as if the zero were a filter!?).


      Any suggestions (or workarounds) on how to accomplish displaying tenths/hundredths of a second.  This time precision is important in my application and life would be easier to keep the field as time rather than (say) convert the field to # of tenths of a second and figure out how to reconstruct a display field.


      My application compares event times and yes tenths (and in some cases hundredths) of a second are important.


      Help Time gurus!  (Thanks in advance.)