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    SUM field if respect a condition?

      Hi ,

      I need to create an expression that is the sum of WORK TIME of the machine and AVAIBLE TIME of the MACHINE.



      Code Causal
      Causal Description
      Time (H)
      505Broken Machine2
      300Machine OFF7
      504Maintenance Machine3
      210 WORK2


      • The "Available Time "  is the sum of Duration without the row with "code causal" =300

               My expression is :

               Available_Time = if( Code Causal<>300,Sum(Time),0)

      • The "Work Time "  is the sum of Duration with only the row "code causal" =210

              My expression is :

              Work_Time = if( Code Causal=210,Sum(Time),0)


      But for the Work time the expression doesn't work, no result.


      After i would use these expressions to create one KPI, that is the percert of Work Time / Available_Time.

      Could you help me?

      Thanks a lot