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    What is QlikView WorkBench ?

      In the QlikView 9 FAQ (http://www.qlik.com/product/QT%200320%20FAQ%209%20eng%20US%20ltr.pdf), it can be read :

      Feature: QlikView WorkBench for Mash-up with drag
      and drop Visual Studio integration.
      BeneFits: Easy integration with Web data and informa-
      tion. Facilitates integration of QlikView on the Internet
      and intranets.


      I have a few questions about it :

      - Is qlikVIEW workbench the same as qlikWEB workbench ?

      - QlikWeb Workbench website says that the latest qlikview version usable is the 8.5 ? What about version 9 ?

      - Is it packaged with QlikView ? If so, with which product (desktop ? server ?) ?

      - Is it available for free to licensed QlikView users ?

      - Is the AJAX client of the QlikView server 9 made with the workbench ?