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    Include external module/macro code


      there is the possibility to export the macro-/module-code ...

      Is there a similar possibility to import/include "external" macro-code with a statement like the include-statement within loading-scripts?

      I would need this functionality to organize some code within in project with many modules/subs ...

      Thanks in advance & best regards


        • Include external module/macro code
          Rob Wunderlich

          Stefan, Here's one way to do it.

          1. Put your common code in a file, say "commonFunctions.vbs".

          2. Add this macro code to your Qlikview Document module:


          Call IncludeCommon
          Sub IncludeCommon
          Dim objFSO, file, str
          Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
          Set file = objFSO.OpenTextFile("commonFunctions.vbs")
          str = file.ReadAll
          ExecuteGlobal str
          End Sub

          Press the "Check" button. Bingo, your externally defined Functions and Subs are available. Your document must be granted system access for this to work.

          Changes made to the external file will be picked up each time the document is opened. If you are developing and don't want to open/close the doc, making an edit change to the document module will pick up the changes as well.

          Let me know if this works for you. I haven't actually tried this in production.


            • Include external module/macro code

              Rob, thanks for your idea! I was able to get your code working with some slight changes. The working directory needs to be included in the code file. So you need to replace this line:


              Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


              with these 4 lines:


              set mypath = ActiveDocument.GetProperties
              directory = mypath.MyWorkingDirectory
              codefile = directory & "\commonFunctions.vbs"
              Set file = objFSO.OpenTextFile(codefile)

              The only problem now is that the code is not password protected.


              Does anyone have any suggestions on hiding this code?


              I tried saving the QVW after I loaded the external code, but when I reopened it, the external code had not been saved.


              I guess I could also encrypt the VBS files manually, but that's not ideal.

                • Include external module/macro code
                  Dave Riley

                  One method could be to create a Master .qvw containing the macros and password protect it, then use code in the destination document to read the master code and overwrite it.  I have managed to do this as follows (all documents in same folder to simplify) ...


                  1)     Create ModuleMaster.qvw and password protect.  Module needs to include the import .vbs routine as above.


                  2)     Create .vbs file with following code ...

                  Function GetScript(Doc)
                  set QV=CreateObject("QlikTech.QlikView")
                  set Doc  = QV.OpenDoc (Doc)
                  set props = Doc.GetProperties
                  GetScript = props.VBModule
                  End Function


                  Sub ModifyScript
                  set docprop = ActiveDocument.GetProperties
                  docprop.VBModule = GetScript("ModuleMaster.qvw")
                  ActiveDocument.SetProperties docprop
                  End Sub


                  3)     In destination document, include just the import .vbs routine again, click check and the ModifyScript sub should be available.


                  4)     Run the ModifyScript (enter ModuleMaster.qvw credentials if needed) and the script should be overwritten.  As we have included the import .vbs routine in ModuleMaster, it is retained for future use.


                  A word of warning though, I did observe that on one test my module wouldn't display the subs after "Check"-ing and I had to close and restart QV, but hopefully this could give some ideas.