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    clear other values in a field when one is selected (checkboxes)

      Hi all,

      Currently I have a stacked bar chart with expressions that are visible when a user clicks on a field list (inline load). The user clicks in the 'Select Visible Bars' check boxes to display the bar sections they want to see, set up with a conditional show:

      IF(GetSelectedCount([~Bar Selector - Conv]) > 0,WildMatch(Concat([~Bar Selector - Conv], '/'), '*Judgment*') > 0, 0)

      Currently there is a trigger on sheet activation that checks all options except Judgment as shown below. What I need to happen is when a user clicks on Judgment, it automatically clears the other selections, and when any of the other selections are clicked, Judgment is cleared. I'm assuming you can do this with field event triggers but I haven't been able to figure it out. All help is appreciated, thanks!