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    Check IE-Plugin Version


      we plan to move to Qlikview 9 in the near future. Unfortunately we have a big userbase that still has the IE plugin 8.5 installed.

      Is there a way to check which version of the plugin a user has when he logs in via IE and then prompt him a message?





        • Check IE-Plugin Version
          Vlad Gutkovsky

          Open the file C:\Program Files\QlikView\Web\QvAccessPoint.js and replace function CheckPlugin (which starts on line 502) with this:


          function CheckPlugin() {
          pluginEnabled = false
          try {
          if(ActiveXObject) {
          var _ = new ActiveXObject("QlikTech.QlikOcxCtrl.9"); //checks for latest version of plugin
          pluginEnabled = true;
          } catch(e) {}
          if(pluginEnabled != true && navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && window.navigator.cpuClass == "x86"){
          // This will just prompt the user with an alert box
          alert ("You have an older version of QV Analyzer. Please update to version 9 now");
          // Or disable the line above and use the following 2 lines to automatically prompt for plugin installation (first download the latest version of the IE Plugin and copy the file QvPluginRedist.exe into folder Program Files\QlikView\Web )
          window.location = 'http://servername/QlikView/QvPluginRedist.exe';
          pluginEnabled = true;
          // Replace servername with the name of the server (not localhost)

          Save & close the file. You might need to restart your web server.

            • Check IE-Plugin Version



              thx for the reply, this actually looks very close to what I imagined.

              But unfortunately we are not using the accesspoint do deliver the reports (we embed the qvp:// directly) so I guess this script won't work.

              But I have found this in the API guide:


              With this script I should be able to set a var and then trigger some kind of popup.